Missionary Questions

Q: What are the fees for using EquipNet to process donations as a missionary or a missionary couple?

A: There are two components to the fees withheld for processing your donations.
A fee of 3% is automatically withheld by credit card and merchant services (American Express is slightly higher at 3.5%) before the donation is passed on from the donor to EquipNet.

EquipNet also withholds 5% of the total donation. This is to cover the […]

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Q: Would my donor be able to give stock as a donation?

A: Yes. Please contact accounting@equipnet.org or call 925-478-4320 to discuss.

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Q: How can I view my giving history?

A: Please send an email to accounting@equipnet.com and request a giving report. Please be specific with the dates you would like the report for.

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Q: Would I be able to use EquipNet to process my financial support if I have my own website?

A: Yes. EquipNet can have a customized giving page created for you with a link directing your donors from your website to the giving page. If you choose this option, please send a logo of the mission organization you are with, a personal photo, and a summary of what your role is in the mission’s […]

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Q: How long will it take to receive my donations?

A: Once your donation is received, it can take approximately 2-3 weeks for your check to be sent out.

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Q: Will my donors receive a tax-deductible receipt if they donate to me through EquipNet?

A: Yes, EquipNet is a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization and your donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt via email every time a donation is made to you.

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Q: What is Equipnet’s purpose?

A: EquipNet is a 501C3, non-profit organization that seeks to connect resources to  well vetted leaders, organizations and projects around the world, that have the capacity to bring innovation and Christian transformation to people in various formative spheres of a society.

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